The products packaged by Kronorm are consumed every day in many countries of the world. All our packaging solutions have been developed in line with our goal of offering consumers the highest quality standards. Our company works to create higher quality products for the consumer and lower costs for the producer.


In the industry of packaging machines; to design, produce and provide after-sales services with high added value, innovative and reliable products to domestic and overseas customers, to ensure sustainability by carrying out R&D and innovation activities, to offer special solutions to business partners, to be a leading company that develops its sector.


By offering durable, safe and reliable products that will exceed producer and consumer expectations; to be a technology company that maintains its sustainable growth, is preferred with its competitive power, and is sensitive to the environment and human.

We are a leading supplier that offers special solutions for machinery, equipment, services, and business partners for packaging plastic, metal, glass, and other materials, foodstuffs, home and personal care products.

As Kronorm Machine, we operate in more than 15 countries today. Each of these machines is the product of our 10 years of proven experience, R&D and innovation strength. In order to achieve your business goals, we design and manufacture innovative and reliable products with high added value and offer customized solutions for you.

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