Power Electric Consumption Shapes Applicapable
380 V 7,5 kW Kare/Oval/Silindirik
Length Width Height Weight
1000 mm 900 mm 1700 mm 120 kg



  • The length is 0.9 cm and entirely made of AISI304 Stainless Steel.
  • Hand Wheel Adjustment for Head Height.
  • Digital Temprature Contoller.
  • Electronic circuits is placed in the panel far from the heat to prevent warmup.
  • It is easy moving thanks to mobile frame and possible to use on the other lines.
  • Closed circuit air circulation enable energy saving.
  • 7.5 kw power.
  • Serpantine Coil type resistance system ensures long life.
  • It ensures high quality with lower temprature.
  • Air channels can be adjusted according to product.
  • Fast heating and keep heat long time.
  • Customized design according to the container is possible.
  • It can run with application of securtiy seal of caps, twin pack and gallon bottle caps.
  • It can implement various apllications which need heating.
  • 32 amper 380 volt is needed.

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