Power Steam Consumption Length Width Height weight
6,75 kW 70-100 kg/h 3250 mm 750 mm 2500 mm 500 kg



  • Tunnel frame and all other mechanical parts are produced from AISI 304 stainless steel material.
  • All aluminum parts are anodized in natural color.
  • Condensed steam is collected and drained by steam trap system.
  • All nozzle groups are adjustable in four axes with a scale to set different heights and angles.
  • The steam pressure can be set by needle valves sensitively.
  • Equiped with 8 insulated glass zone doors ensure to watch the shrink application.
  • The tunnel works at 0.5 Bar / 110-140 C⁰ depending on the size of container.
  • Security valve is available for sudden increases of steam pressure.
  • The exhaust fans at the entrance and exit prevent the steam to spread to the production area.
  • Multiple steam zones provide to set the steam rates and temperature independently.
  • The heating power is 6 KW and the steam exhaust fan is 0,75 KW.
  • The temperature of the collector can be set by PID system.
  • By steam heating system condensed steam can be decreased to %3-4 to have most dry bottles at the exit.

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