Label Thickness Label Width Labek Cut Length Servo Engine AC Engine
0.035/0.080 mm 40-300 mm 30-320 mm 1x700 + 1x400 Wat 1x40 + 2x30 Wat
Power Application Materials Speed Applications
380 V OPS/PET/PVC/PETG 250 bpm Square / Oval / Cylindrical
Length Width Height Weight
1200 mm 1090 mm 2280 mm 300 kg



  • Suitable to apply both body sleeve on the containers and securtiy seal on the caps.
  • Designed for large containers.
  • Designed in accordance with fast, high quality and efficient production principles.
  • Security is in complience with CE rules.
  • Parameters of servo motor are controlled by touch panel.
  • Thanks to its advanced user-friendly software and hardware, it is very easy to set up and use.
  • Machine is mobile thus can be moved between the lines and assembled to the other lines easily.
  • Enable to work on more than one product with different size.
  • Product changing can be made in a short time.
  • There is recipe saving system for each different product.
  • Automated roll feeder with tension system ensures stability.
  • Rotary blade system ensures high quality cut.
  • The rotary blade and label feeding system run with servo motor.
  • Steam tunnel is used for Body Sleeve Applications and Electric Heat Tunnel is used for Security Seal Applications.
  • Height of machine head can be easily adapted with motor through touch panel.
  • The machine stops when the label sensor detect the roll is finished.
  • Apart from the machine, Dual Reel Unwind Unit allows to have no downtime during the change of the reel.
  • The label can be fixed on the container with different angels according to the features of the container.
  • Speed varies according to the size of the containers and label cut length.
  • The application speed is 250 pcs/sec for width 100mm and cut length of 100mm.

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