Power Engine Power Application Materials Shapes Applicapable
380 V 7,95 kW CAM/PET/PVC Kare/Oval/Silindir
Length Width Height Weight
1600 mm 650 mm 3000 mm 300 kg


BD 200

  • Made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel material
  • Conveyor length is 3 mt width 82,5mm stainless steel chain,
  • The upper press band is required for empty bottles optionaly.
  • The height of the upper press band is adjustable.
  • Upper press band run via 24 V dc motor with speed control.
  • Nozzles are adjustable in 3 axes.
  • Plexi door is suitable for work safety.
  • Works with 7,5 kW single stage blower.
  • The blown air is heated to 65-70 degrees without heat resistance.
  • High pressure and temperature allow bottles to be dried at 95%.
  • Used for drying of water drops remains on the bottles after the body sleeve,
  • Used for after filling to dry bottles before paper labeling or after washing of bottles,
  • It is used safely and efficiently for drying of wet products at the cooling tunnel exit.

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